my first sketch in natural earth and mineral pigments, 2007

summer 2007. First small sketch in natural earth and mineral pigments, and glass. The cooler green seen in lower right, for example, is malachite, prepared/protocol developed by artist Michael Price, as can be seen and read about at

full mural

New England Dinosaur Mural.Summer 2005. Many of the dinosaur forms in the above mural were borrowed from other artists (especially those specializing in dinosaurs) and then adapted for this mural. The composition is the work of S. Sniffen.

strawberries and the heart

strawberry and water glassoil on panel, using a variety of manufacturer's oil paint, summer 2003


Napping Machines; physics of

Napping Machine

Loading Fulling Machines

Piece ID by twill
Piece ID by Twill

Spinning Frame Sketch2 Spinning Frame Sketch

Weave Pattern to Loom Motion

Schuylkill River project; archaeologically thinking Schuylkill River project; pedestrian bridge down to river

drawings and model for studio with Prof. Katherine Gleaso
in Philadelphia, PA,
small model for a delicate, light encompassed pedestrian/ wheelchair accessible way off South Street Bridge, ending at small marsh inlet

concrete model sculpture made with yellow sand and aggregate and grey sand and aggregate

step over water fountain

left, concrete model of park sculpture in two different color concretes, the color difference coming from selecting natural stones and sand for each concrete mix; architecture technology sequence with Lindsay Falk.
right, landscape architecture detail of a fountain designed for a park in Philadelphia, from a class with Robert Hanna.

Philadelphia Museum of Art front steps in plasteroil sketch about place


sections from plan

From a studio with James Corner. More drawings from studio to be uploaded later. Spring 1993.

501 Studio computer map

501 studio computer map